Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Apartment, New Life!
     After Jesse moved to Hutchinson in May, we ended up moving to a new, and much better apartment in early June!  It is in a better part of town, thankfully much more quiet than the one we had previously (it was Shay & I's to begin with.. then Shay moved.. and then we moved!), and the neighbors thankfully don't fight all the time or at all.. unlike the old one!
     With this move came Diamond.  Diamond is my beagle.. I got her when I was 12.. and for the first year of college, my parent's were awesome enough to keep her until I could take her with me!  The first apartment was anything but pet friendly.. Though we "hid" out pet rat's because lack of pet's was just not going to work for me.  

Also, in May Jesse started a new job, working as a welder at Agco!  He builds various parts of combines, depending on what the company has orders for.  During the same time frame I went from having four jobs (crazy me) to two.. and now I just have one!  :) I also am still going to school for Architectural Drafting!

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