Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Plans & a Hotdog

     Shortly after the engagement, the wedding plans started! We decided that since we were both country people, it would be awesome to have an outdoor the fall!  We set the date for September 15, 2012 and began to think of the colors and types of decorations we wanted to have.
     We decided on Royal Blue, Silver, and White for the colors, and western as the theme or decoration style.  The wedding party was chose and we are proud to have my sister, cousin, and best friend as the bridal party, and Jesse's brother, cousin, and friend for the groom's party.  Also, my cousin and his little brother will be the flower girl and ring bearer! 

     As for decorations.. here are what we have so far.. that there are photos of!

Also.. in October.. we added another new addition to our family.. To go with Diamond, and our three rats.. (as of yesterday now two.. Shay took one.. ).  His name is Hotdog.  He is a little over a year old..and is a dachshund.  He is for sure Jesse's dog.. he freaks out when Jesse leaves..and listens best for him.. 
This is Hotdog!

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  1. Super cute decorations!!! Looks like you're already on the ball with things, which is good. I left everything DIY (pretty much everything!) for the week that we came to Kansas for the wedding and then waited further until everyone in the wedding party got to KS!.... which was about 2 days before the wedding ;-) but it was a blast being with my girls (bridesmaids and photographer as well as a couple really good friends) doing crafts!