Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beginning <3

Well.. where to start?  I guess I will start from the beginning. :)
Jesse & I started dating in October of 2009.  We met our Freshman year of high school.. got crushes on each other Junior year.. and finally.. Senior year we actually had the guts to go out on a date.. (I asked him.. he's shy) :)
From there.. things just got better!  Our first date was actually in September.. but we were just getting to know each other for that month between the date, and the day we actually became officially in a relationship.

We dated all through our Senior year, through the summer before college.. then college hit!

There were many doubts as to if we could make it work simply because of our choices of school.  They were five hours apart, and practically clear across the state.  We started out going home every other weekend, which wasn't so bad.. but then.. I got a job that required me to work weekends.. So I could only get off maybe one weekend a month.  Man it is hard going from seeing someone every day, to once a week, to twice a month, then down to once a month!

Then with one job came two, then three, then four!  Crazy me.. and going home got harder, and bless Jesse's heart, he would come see me.. drive all five hours.. and deal with me going to work and stay at my sister and I's apartment for a few hours..and wait for me to get off work so we could go see a movie or go out for dinner.  Also.. thank God for cell phones and free mobile-to-mobile & nights& weekends.. I won't say how much we talked..but it was a lot!

Then.. at Christmas 2010.. Jesse surprised me with the BEST gift ever! :) 
A promise ring! It also has a matching necklace!
This put an end to any doubts as to if we would last
through college.. :)

Needless to say.. we did make it through his year of school..and he moved to Hutch and we now have an apartment together!

That's all for right now.. but I will put more on soon! 

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